Season 2 coming at ya!

We’re back!! Season 2 is coming into your ears starting right now! Or at least, Julia and Asher are…and with a new co-host! Baby Domino joins us for baby’s very first podcast recording.

Season 2 is here!  Notably, Julia and Asher are back with a new co-host, new shoes, and an excited attitude for all our amazing season 2 interviews.

Season 2 is coming at ya - we’re getting real deep into stories, deeper than you could have ever imagined.  We got panels, we got live shows, we got interviews on location, we got babies, we got ALL different kinds of stories and wonderful people.





Julia Whitehouse

Julia Whitehouse (formerly Wiedeman), co-host, is a New York based performer, writer, and storyteller. Julia teaches workshops through the Story Collider. She is also currently the host of the weekly storytelling open mic, Happy Hour Story Hour, at The Duplex, she performed her solo show NAKED PEOPLE at UCBTNY, UCBLA, and for the Women in Comedy Festival. Her follow up solo showI’ll Show You Minehad a run at The PIT after being a part of the first Solocom Festival. She is a Moth Slam winner and performs her stories regularly Risk!, Nights of Our Lives, and Soundtrack Series podcasts and stages. Her acting performances are aplenty on youtube and once a video she was in about millennials was on the CBS Sunday Morning show.

Asher Novek

Asher Novek, co-host, is a writer, producer, storyteller, and community activist. His day to day work focuses on projects that utilize technology in ways that bridge community groups to local government.

He co-produces a stand up show “This Evening” at Dean Street Bar in Prospect Heights. He also produces a monthly storytelling show in Park Slope, “So What Happened Was”, and has performed on the podcasts “Can’t Make This Up”, “the Brighter Side”, and “It’s Not Complicated.” He has written and performed two solo storytelling shows: “I Wish Someone Told Me”, which he recently reprised at The Tank’s SoloFest Redux, and “The Holy Moment”, a bi-coastal storytelling show that wove in two stories across East and West Coasts with co-writer Jake Arky. He has also been known to officiate the occasional wedding.